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Maria Jones Zerfaoui
An interesting and varied group with a wide range of experiences to offer to learning process. Well structured course. Overall I enjoyed the experience and I feel I learnt a lot.
I loved my time at the Learning Center Tuscany! I feel like I've learned so much in the last month and I feel very prepared to begin teaching. The staff is very helpful and competent; they really know what they're doing!
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TEFL International TESOL Course Kathmandu, Nepal

The TEFL Certification in Katmandu is a best option for people who want to enjoy the Himalayas to the core. TEFL International thus has an option for its students to do a TESOL course in the capital of Nepal. The TEFL School often helps in looking for teaching jobs after the completion of the course. The center of TESOL course in Katmandu is located near Thamel in the heart of Katmandu and is also close to the Durbar Square and Royal Palace. TESOL Course in Nepal is conducted only in this city.


TEFL Course Kathmandu, Nepal

TESOL Certification Course in Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is the biggest city of Nepal. It is the only metropolitan city in Nepal. It is located in the valley surrounded by lofty mountains. It enjoys a pleasant climate almost all the year round. Its history is rich and traditions from the past like worshipping the virgin girl as a goddess is still in practice.

The city is located in the north western part of the valley. River Bagmati flows through the city. The Kathmandu valley is fertile, flat and compact. It is situated at an altitude of 1,200 to 1,500 m, the valley has an area of only 570 sq km .

The city has a record seven World Heritage sites declared by UNESCO. These architectural and civic wonders are monuments to Nepal's past prosperity, artistry, and religiosity which make the valley a living museum.

It is the only Hindu kingdom and deeply religious. Though it had a Maoist government in power it continues to be religious.
The people of the area rely on tourists for their livelihood and are naturally keen to befriend visitors.
The casinos and the adventure tours like trekking and hiking bring in the maximum revenue to Nepal.

The Kathmandu Valley is on an altitude of 4,297ft (1,310m) and enjoys a mild climate most of the year,.
Summer temperatures range from 67-81F (19-27C), May and June can be very hot and humid until the monsoon rains brings respite.

Winter temperatures are between 36 and 68F (2-20C). It is November to February when the weather is dry, but can be very cold, especially at night.
Rainy monsoon season between June and August, has a rainfall of between 7.8-14.7 inches (200-375mm) in Kathmandu.
Both spring (March to April) and autumn (October to November) are pleasant with occasional short bursts of rain and is the preferred tourist season.

Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religions in Nepal and a remarkable homogeneity exists between the two communities.

Casinos In Kathmandu the casinos are a major source of revenue and income. They remain open 24 hours . They have scintillating night-life in the 4 Casinos of Nepal.
Culture Shows - Almost every up-scale restaurant and hosts a nightly culture show complete with local dances, music, songs and costumes.

Local Bands in the cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara are quite popular and stay open at times beyond 10pm curfew. Discos are becoming popular and dancing sometimes breaks out at local bars. Because of
Caution: with over 50 ethnic groups, drunken brawls are not uncommon whenever people are warmed up enough to cut-a-rug.

Nepalese love Hindi or Bollywood movies a few places now show English language movies that are about 6 months behind their market release. There are some restaurants where if you dine you get to watch a pirated English movie.

In Kathmandu there are many discotheques: Babylon, Club 2000,Club Dynasty etc. and bars.

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